Peter Monk was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. And having a vast selection of musical influences from the church he played organ in as a teenager to Led Zepplin, Monk began engineering and recording  rock bands at the age of 16 yeas old as  He honed his skills and a few years later got […]
Artist/writer, Candy, has always had music in her life. Growing up listening to her mother sing to Michael Jackson, her uncle play the guitar, and having her father, a self proclaimed audiophile, constantly breaking in his newest, cutting edge equipment, there was music involved in everyday of Candy’s upbringing. In middle school and high school, […]
Hali Hicks is already a well-known veteran resident and recording artist in Nashville.  Toting a Martin guitar, Hali is always at the ready to sing a song.  She’s been singing since she was a toddler and started playing her guitar when she was 13.  With many influences throughout her young but seasoned life, she could […]
The Bklyn South project was created and established in the year 2014 by Peter Monk & Candace Storch for those productions that have more of a Caribbean,Dancehall,Urban Flavor, and over the last three years they have produced and released Five Hot !! singles with various remixes that have all charted on the Caribbean,Dancehall, Reggae and DJ club […]
Metasonica creates subversive subliminal soundscapes for possible realities.  Stylistic conventions need not apply. Metasonica is Boris Berlin and Zenon Marko, who collaborate on the composition, arrangement, production, lyrics, videos and live performances. Their music spans the genres of classical crossover, neo-classical, downtempo, world and ambient to electronica. Marko and Berlin collaborate with various vocalists and musicians in a […]
When Prophet-Z is not blazing the stage at night with powerful Reggae music, Prophet-Z (pronounced “Prophet Zee”) is somewhere in the inner city of Brooklyn teaching young students by day.  Whether chatting hard-core Dancehall lyrics or singing melodious Reggae vocals, Prophet-Z keeps his crowd engaged and entertained. Prophet-Z hopes to create classic Reggae/Dancehall albums that […]
The House Men – Keep on Dancing’ (featuring Peter Monk & Candy) “The House Men” are two cousins who grew up together banging on pots and pans, keeping their relatives entertained while at early childhood family reunions.  Years passed and the two separated but would always talk about coming back together when the timing was […]
Saffire Paige is a young, up-and-coming artist with a sweet and distinguishable sound, making her nothing less than irresistible. Her strong and catchy songs, along with her singing, dancing, and personality, equal the total package of a pop star. ‘Slumber Party’ – Saffire’s first single is a slice of mid-tempo, day-dreamy Heaven. The second you […]
Urban Satellite is the project of multifaceted and always cutting edge, Peter Monk.  He’s giving his audience a glimpse of the melodies, visions, and paintings of his darker, mystical side.  His take on Avant-garde.  Monk is stepping out of his mainstream pop comfort zone and into the experimental unknown.  ‘This is such a jump for […]
A UK native and LA transplant, Kazell first arrived on US shores in 1991. Since then he has switched coasts and transitioned from “the hottest DJ in warm-up,” (Los Angeles Times), to a label owner and peak hour headliner in demand worldwide.  Upon his arrival on the East Coast Kazell immediately made an impact in […]
Writer/producer Peter Monk and DJ MONDO have joined together to create an epic force known as “Rising”.  Billboard Top 40 writer/producer Peter Monk and DJ MONDO are both born and raised in Brooklyn.  They have always had a common thread in music.  Peter has always respected MONDO’s opinion for his keen musical sense and cutting […]
After a couple years in the Atlanta underground scene, Amir has now turned a new corner. Producer, dj, and high demand remix artist are just a few titles. Over the past few years, Amir has been charted by some of the industry’s best for events such as loveparade following successful releases which also saw beatport […]
The Dub Chix is the brainchild of writer/producer Peter Monk.  He always wanted to put together a girl group with a European influence and infuse it with his roots in American pop/dance music.  He knew now is the right time.  He asked his writing partner, Candace,  if she would be interested in being in the […]
DJ MONDO was born in Brooklyn, NY and at a very young age took an interest in the family record collection. . MONDO developed a strong passion for dance music, then known as Disco. He found himself enamored by the downtown NYC music scene, which at the time, was the most elite school for culture […]
John Brinker began composing and performing electronic music in 1999. Since then, he has performed works by John Cage and played in an electroacoustic improvising ensemble, a Guinean “ballet”, and in a Queen cover band. In his spare time he has been DJing, composing soundtracks, dabbling with the Ambisonic multichannel format, creating audio installations, and […]
Dean Inman, like many dance music conspirers, was lured into the scene through active club adventures in the nineties. The Tunnel and Buzz were highlights, introducing Dean to the many sounds and genres within electronic music. A pair of turntables followed, and a foray into dark drum & bass
Half human | Half robot…. Over the past five years Android Cartel has had many successes with their foray into the sacred art of dance music. First picked up by veteran’s Chris Fortier and Steve Lawler in 2008, Android Cartel came onto the scene with great passion and enthusiasm and was soon being played by […]
As a teenager in the late 80’s in Denver Colorado, Greg grew up listening to new wave, hip-hop, and rock music. In 1991 after hearing local DJs like Hani and John Chamie drop records such as Inner City’s “Good Life” and Soul 2 Soul’s “Back 2 Life,” he was inspired to begin a journey that […]


As a performer, Kri weaves a musical spell that indulges listeners into easily merging with and being uplifted by positive tracks. The sound he creates is being heralded around the planet and is breathing simmering new life into the world as if the music is propelled by a dragon high on Kundalini yoga. Kri
Jason Hecht (J-Hecht) was raised in New York, and like many New Yorkers, he grew up skateboarding and listening to Hip-Hop. His earlier influences were EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, BDP, and Public Enemy. However, when he was introduced to Acid House and Techno in the early nineties, it changed his life and perspective forever. Jason […]
Out of Asheville, North Carolina comes In Plain Sight, three DJs and producers united towards a global, progressive groove. The “Paris of the South” is a perfect home for the trio, as it’s a renowned creative beacon, drawing artistic types of many persuasions and styles, fostering a zone of constant inspiration. Some may be surprised […]
Romania in the eighties was a country that discouraged freedom of expression or creative music making, the government equating such activities as rebellion. This was the backdrop for the early years of Klawz, a DJ and producer who, settled in the USA, now expresses himself musically with gusto and passion. Klawz
Conrad Greggor began his DJ career 20 years ago in his home town of Seattle while in college studying music theory. A club kid from the beginning, his love of electronic music began in the early 80’s memzerized by the works of Nina Hagen, KMFDM, Front 242, Mr. FIngers, Bronski Beat, New Order, Nitzer Ebb, […]
Longtime friends Joel Cox and Alex Falk have been putting their love of techno and house music to work in the studio since 2009, with releases on Bleepsequence, Subsensory Recordings, Landed Productions, Blipswitch Digital, Wreckless Recordings, 530Techno, and Release Musiq. Their remixes and original tracks recieve support from respected producers such as Pig & Dan, […]
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