Candace Storch

Artist/writer, Candy, has always had music in her life. Growing up listening to her mother sing to Michael Jackson, her uncle play the guitar, and having her father, a self proclaimed audiophile, constantly breaking in his newest, cutting edge equipment, there was music involved in everyday of Candy’s upbringing. In middle school and high school, her love of r & b and hip hop was an intrinsic part of her musical DNA. She became known as ‘the chick that makes slow jams tapes’. She started honing her skills with voice and piano lessons at The Brooklyn/Queens Conservatory Of Music. She recorded some songs and soon after that, got introduced to her current writing partner/producer, Peter Monk. Their work together enabled them to get a distribution deal and signed to Release Musiq in 2013. Her vivid imagination combined with her creative storytelling skills quickly engage the listener via her clever wit and subtle sass. By writing and helping vocally produce all these different expressions of music for herself and other singers, she is able to implement what the artist stylistically wants and lyrically needs. ‘I want people to see, not only hear, the music’ she said.

As a solo artist Candy raps and sings. Her sweet voice juxtaposed with her fast, edgy, New York based rap flow gives her a style and feel all her own. Candy wrote and sang featured vocals on “Once In A Lifetime” and “Keep On Dancing”. The video was featured on ‘Promo Only’ Mainstream Dance, Spring of 2013 and “Keep On Dancin” got on the UK’s Most Played Dance Charts. She is also a member and main writer of the group, The Dub Chix. Their single “Motormouth” has been played on Texas radio stations, overseas, and became the theme song to the new  Motormouth smartphone app. Candy and Monk started the dancehall/reggae project, Bklyn South. which she co-writes, vocally produces, and sings background vocals on. The debut song of that project entitled “You’re The One” featuring Prophet-Z debuted at #1 on ZipDJ and stayed there for three weeks. It has been played by DJs in NY and several other countries, including the Caribbean.

Candy co-writes all the Peter Monk releases, as well as sings background on most of them. She is currently in the studio and is super excited about her next single, “Starlight”. ‘You can really hear the growth of her vocals on this track. It has the potential to be a big summer record,’ said Monk. She is currently working a lot of new and exciting music so stay tuned!

You can find Candy on Facebook and Twitter under ‘Candace Storch’ and find her on Soundcloud and Instagram under ‘Candysmusic’.

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