Writer/producer Peter Monk and DJ MONDO have joined together to create an epic force known as “Rising”. 

Billboard Top 40 writer/producer Peter Monk and DJ MONDO are both born and raised in Brooklyn.  They have always had a common thread in music.  Peter has always respected MONDO’s opinion for his keen musical sense and cutting edge taste.  The two of them have frequently crossed paths many times over the years, and have always tossed around the idea of coming together in order to accentuate each others’ strengths.  Peter can usually be found in his studio writing and producing well-crafted, pop-influenced dance records, while MONDO can be found in the hottest clubs across the east coast firing up the crowds.  They say timing is everything.  Now they have teamed up and hence “Rising” has finally come to fruition. 

MONDO blends his amazing musical style of playing records from all over the world while showcasing the productions of Peter Monk.  MONDO has also taken the leap into remixing alongside Peter Monk to add a whole new flavor and dimension to Peter’s already exciting records.  They have started a monthly podcast called “Rising” which immediately leaped to the Top 10 on Beatport, instantaneously gaining both of them thousands of Facebook fans and media followers worldwide.  They are currently working on their live show to support all of their upcoming releases… Stay tuned!

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