The Dub Chix

The Dub Chix is the brainchild of writer/producer Peter Monk.  He always wanted to put together a girl group with a European influence and infuse it with his roots in American pop/dance music.  He knew now is the right time.  He asked his writing partner, Candace,  if she would be interested in being in the group.  She said ‘yes’.  Monk had his first chick.

They needed two other girls for his vision.  Candace knew someone from the local gym and heard his daughter, Chelsea, was a singer.  They later listened to her music link online.  Instantly, they knew she would be great for the group.  She had that pure pop, radio sound they were looking for.

Monk pulled in the other member, Valeria.  She is a Russian native who had just come overseas as a model/dancer. She was working on singing and when Monk introduced the three of them in his Brooklyn studio there was an instant chemistry better than he could have even hoped for.  Hence, the Dub Chix were born.

The Dub Chix music is fun, funky, and hooky.  With electro-rock, and pop music influences, this trio possesses a magical, international appeal that will capture audiences everywhere.


© 2012