The House Men

The House Men – Keep on Dancing’ (featuring Peter Monk & Candy)

“The House Men” are two cousins who grew up together banging on pots and pans, keeping their relatives entertained while at early childhood family reunions.  Years passed and the two separated but would always talk about coming back together when the timing was right.  They spent their teenage years having different musical upbringings but would reunite in NY to make their shared passion of music a reality.

Orlando Garcia was born in New York and when he was eight years old his parents up and moved the family to Puerto Rico.  Orlando would soak up the culture, musical and otherwise, and loved every minute of it.  After high school, he got into break dancing and listening to all types of music.  At 18 years old, he  knew it was time to make his way back to his home base of NY.  It is then that he finally reunited with his cousin, Miguel Serrano.

Miguel was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Boston.  He always had a passion for music. He would later join the Army, and while there, he did a tour in Iraq. In his free time he started producing instrumentals.  He knew music was his life’s purpose and decided to hook back up with his cousin, Orlando Garcia.  They started making music together, this time for real, and knew the chemistry was not only in their blood, but coming through the speakers.

They started honing in on their craft and ‘The House Men’ were born.  Their heavy hip hop influences, like Timbaland and Swizz Beats, as well as Pop and House influences like Rihanna, bleed into their tracks.  Their latest song ‘Keep On Dancin’, featuring Peter Monk and Candy, fuses dance, electronic, and hip hop to create a fun, club song with a zany twist.  ‘We really want you to feel our passion in our music’, they said.  

The House Men are excited about 2015 and are working hard in the studio to put together some killer tracks.  Look out for more music from “The House Men”!

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