Urban Satellite

Urban Satellite is the project of multifaceted and always cutting edge, Peter Monk.  He’s giving his audience a glimpse of the melodies, visions, and paintings of his darker, mystical side.  His take on Avant-garde.

 Monk is stepping out of his mainstream pop comfort zone and into the experimental unknown.  ‘This is such a jump for him, risk wise, and I think it will really pay off!’ said his co-writer and band member, Candace Storch.

 This group really showcases originality, confidence, and their ahead-of-the-curve instincts.  Their first single “Suffering” is a pop/rock dance musical gem;  uptempo and heartfelt.  Their second single is the polar opposite. “I Want It All” is a slow, urban flavored, hip-hop joint.  That’s the beautiful thing about this project- expect the unexpected!

 Call Urban Satellite a little crazy. Call them a little weird or left-field.  Either way,  Urban Satellite will most definitely earn your respect as a creative and new musical maven on the scene. 

© 2012