Peter Monk was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. And having a vast selection of musical influences from the church he played organ in as a teenager to Led Zepplin, Monk began engineering and recording  rock bands at the age of 16 yeas old as  He honed his skills and a few years later got […]
Metasonica creates subversive subliminal soundscapes for possible realities.  Stylistic conventions need not apply. Metasonica is Boris Berlin and Zenon Marko, who collaborate on the composition, arrangement, production, lyrics, videos and live performances. Their music spans the genres of classical crossover, neo-classical, downtempo, world and ambient to electronica. Marko and Berlin collaborate with various vocalists and musicians in a […]
The House Men – Keep on Dancing’ (featuring Peter Monk & Candy) “The House Men” are two cousins who grew up together banging on pots and pans, keeping their relatives entertained while at early childhood family reunions.  Years passed and the two separated but would always talk about coming back together when the timing was […]
Writer/producer Peter Monk and DJ MONDO have joined together to create an epic force known as “Rising”.  Billboard Top 40 writer/producer Peter Monk and DJ MONDO are both born and raised in Brooklyn.  They have always had a common thread in music.  Peter has always respected MONDO’s opinion for his keen musical sense and cutting […]
DJ MONDO was born in Brooklyn, NY and at a very young age took an interest in the family record collection. . MONDO developed a strong passion for dance music, then known as Disco. He found himself enamored by the downtown NYC music scene, which at the time, was the most elite school for culture […]
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