Peter Monk was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. And having a vast selection of musical influences from the church he played organ in as a teenager to Led Zepplin, Monk began engineering and recording  rock bands at the age of 16 yeas old as  He honed his skills and a few years later got […]
The Bklyn South project was created and established in the year 2014 by Peter Monk & Candace Storch for those productions that have more of a Caribbean,Dancehall,Urban Flavor, and over the last three years they have produced and released Five Hot !! singles with various remixes that have all charted on the Caribbean,Dancehall, Reggae and DJ club […]
Saffire Paige is a young, up-and-coming artist with a sweet and distinguishable sound, making her nothing less than irresistible. Her strong and catchy songs, along with her singing, dancing, and personality, equal the total package of a pop star. ‘Slumber Party’ – Saffire’s first single is a slice of mid-tempo, day-dreamy Heaven. The second you […]
The Dub Chix is the brainchild of writer/producer Peter Monk.  He always wanted to put together a girl group with a European influence and infuse it with his roots in American pop/dance music.  He knew now is the right time.  He asked his writing partner, Candace,  if she would be interested in being in the […]
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