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A UK native and LA transplant, Kazell first arrived on US shores in 1991. Since then he has switched coasts and transitioned from “the hottest DJ in warm-up,” (Los Angeles Times), to a label owner and peak hour headliner in demand worldwide.  Upon his arrival on the East Coast Kazell immediately made an impact in […]
After a couple years in the Atlanta underground scene, Amir has now turned a new corner. Producer, dj, and high demand remix artist are just a few titles. Over the past few years, Amir has been charted by some of the industry’s best for events such as loveparade following successful releases which also saw beatport […]
DJ MONDO was born in Brooklyn, NY and at a very young age took an interest in the family record collection. . MONDO developed a strong passion for dance music, then known as Disco. He found himself enamored by the downtown NYC music scene, which at the time, was the most elite school for culture […]
John Brinker began composing and performing electronic music in 1999. Since then, he has performed works by John Cage and played in an electroacoustic improvising ensemble, a Guinean “ballet”, and in a Queen cover band. In his spare time he has been DJing, composing soundtracks, dabbling with the Ambisonic multichannel format, creating audio installations, and […]
Dean Inman, like many dance music conspirers, was lured into the scene through active club adventures in the nineties. The Tunnel and Buzz were highlights, introducing Dean to the many sounds and genres within electronic music. A pair of turntables followed, and a foray into dark drum & bass
Half human | Half robot…. Over the past five years Android Cartel has had many successes with their foray into the sacred art of dance music. First picked up by veteran’s Chris Fortier and Steve Lawler in 2008, Android Cartel came onto the scene with great passion and enthusiasm and was soon being played by […]
As a teenager in the late 80’s in Denver Colorado, Greg grew up listening to new wave, hip-hop, and rock music. In 1991 after hearing local DJs like Hani and John Chamie drop records such as Inner City’s “Good Life” and Soul 2 Soul’s “Back 2 Life,” he was inspired to begin a journey that […]


As a performer, Kri weaves a musical spell that indulges listeners into easily merging with and being uplifted by positive tracks. The sound he creates is being heralded around the planet and is breathing simmering new life into the world as if the music is propelled by a dragon high on Kundalini yoga. Kri
Jason Hecht (J-Hecht) was raised in New York, and like many New Yorkers, he grew up skateboarding and listening to Hip-Hop. His earlier influences were EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, BDP, and Public Enemy. However, when he was introduced to Acid House and Techno in the early nineties, it changed his life and perspective forever. Jason […]
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