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“Not So Far Away” The new single from Nashville recording artist Summer Shyvonne co written and produced by Peter Monk. This production is a special blend of country, mainstream pop and dance music that features solid songwriting, a great chorus, and a convincing vocal performance caped off by a killer violin hook in the break […]
“Summer Paradise” Is Bklyn South’s latest single release featuring singer songwriter Summer Shyvonne from Nashville TN,  Summer is on the beach telling the story about her pink polkadot bikini with a country music flair, while singing over a cool Caribbean Pop Reggae production. This is a fun novelty track with a very catchy hook and […]
Peter Monk breaks out with his new mainstream club single release “The Weekend Life” This lush dreamy production coupled with a solid vocal performance from Peter Monk himself. This is a party anthem that will float you across the universe and drop you into a celebration of life.
Sandy Reed is back with a vengeance! Breaking out with her brand new single release for 2017 “Here Comes That Sound”, exquisitely produced and mixed by Peter Monk, this edm/house staple slams hard, while chart topping co-writers Candace Storch and Sandy Reed pen a meaningful song for Reeds’ powerful vocal style. The chilling melodies in her […]
Peter Monk captivates with his first single release of 2017, a Frank Sinatra remake of the 1966 classic hit single “It Was A Very Good Year”, featuring the stunning Frank Sinatra sound alike Frank Frizalone both straight from Brooklyn. Monk showcases his outstanding keyboard work in a brilliant production that captures every bit of the […]
Peter Monk’s fresh, new spring release  “I Found You”,  Ft. Candace Storch, is a solid commercial house dance track. It features a pumping groove, coupled with a great throwback vibe and an ultra smooth vocal performance by Candace Storch, who crushes this hook driven chorus into your subconscious mind.
“Stunt Pon Dem” is a dancehall, party banger with positive lyrical depth and a massive chorus for ‘The Massive’. Mixing a blend of hip hop and edm elements over a pure dancehall groove, Prophet-Z’s singjay delivery will take the listener on a ride through the concrete jungles of Brooklyn all the way into the streets […]
“Starlight” is a dreamy, futuristic, house track uniquely produced with glistening effects and a cool, cutting edge groove. The vocals are performed by Candace Storch who’s laid back, silky performance captures the mood and feeling of this song perfectly, delivering  the message that anything is possible if we shoot for the stars. 
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