“Starlight” is a dreamy, futuristic, house track uniquely produced with glistening effects and a cool, cutting edge groove. The vocals are performed by Candace Storch who’s laid back, silky performance captures the mood and feeling of this song perfectly, delivering  the message that anything is possible if we shoot for the stars. 
The long awaited debut  album of the hot radio versions of the critically acclaimed dancefloor club Singles that DJs all over the world  have  been asking for. Featured artists include Sandy Reed, Nicky Ruben, Candace Storch, Urban Satellite, & The Dub Chix. Including the hit songs “Keep Lifting Me Up”, “Window Pane”, “Suffering”, “Feeling So […]
Peter Monk’s new release “Keep Lifting Me Up” is another positive track following in the footsteps of his last feel-good record, “Feeling So Alive”.  This song brings together a big chorus with a sexy vocal performance courtesy of Nicky Rubin, straight out of the UK.  His smooth vocal delivery is spot-on and will hypnotize you […]
“You’re The One” is the debut single from the newly formed Dancehall/Reggae production company, Bklyn South, located in South Brooklyn.  The first track features up-and-coming Dancehall/Reggae artist, Prophet-Z who’s been making headlines in the Dancehall arena.  Prophet-Z has opened up for the likes of Mavado, Buju Banton, and Damian Marley. This track has it all! […]
Peter Monk strikes back presenting his new group the ‘Dub Chix’ on their smash debut, ‘MotorMouth’.  This summer club banger has personality mixed with a rawness that can pump through the hottest clubs’ sound systems.  The song references the new MotorMouth app which is on the cutting edge of technology.  Trendsetting at its best.
Peter Monk’s new summer release is a remake of a little known 1990’s pop/dance song only released in France called ‘One More Night’.  Monk finally gives this great song the shot it never had  to go worldwide.  Sandy Reed’s vocals convey the message of the lyrics over this hard-hitting track.  Peter Monk’s 3 outstanding remixes […]
“Suffering” is an alternative, pop/rock dance hybrid, a masterpiece in which Peter Monk draws inspiration from his real life experiences. With his unique approach to writing and producing hook-laden pop songs, this heart-stopping dance track lays the groundwork for an infectious vocal chorus and heavy guitars that will leave listeners hanging on every note.  DJs […]
“Good Girls Go Wild” by the Dub Chix captures the spirit of a modern day “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  Integrating a hard, edgy groove with rap-infused chants, even the most cynical girl won’t be able to resist singing along and getting loose when the hooky chorus drops.  This song has a sound and likability […]
Peter Monk’s ‘Rising Remix’ of ‘Window Pane’ opens up with the grandeur of a beautiful, Baroque-inspired introduction that has drama written all over it. But don’t let that fool you! This uplifting trance track sends the listener on a trip filled with a thumping big room presence, edgy guitar riffs, and powerful vocals which exude […]
Peter Monk’s second release is the impressive and jaw-dropping ‘Window Pane’. The listener will be drawn in by the sounds of lush guitars, drum fills, and a beautifully crafted melody. The uplifting lyrics and arpeggiated synths are the components that push this epic anthem along at an unrelenting pace. Sandy Reed’s vocals climb over the […]
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