Release Musiq sets loose another underground dance floor monster straight from the mind of Nicodemus Roth. Minimalware takes us on a journey with its deep spacey sound and funky bassline. The vocal will have you hypnotized and the groove will keep you moving as this edgy bass laden beast chugs steadily along.
Release Musiq aims for the eclectic with the debut release from JRR Foolkiller and his Try EP. JRR Foolkiller is actually John Brinker, who has been producing electronic music since 1999, with a highlight being an EP release under the alias Lifestyle Interiors on Swayzak’s 240 Volts imprint in 2003. With the Try EP, JRR […]
“sometimes the brightest light casts the darkest shadow on the human soul”
Scene veteran Kazell returns to Release Musiq for an electrifying new single titled “Temporary Bliss.” It’s a spaced-out, tech-house cruiser with some light proggy touches and an aim to ignite the dance floor. The pulsating drive that is the center of the track rarely lets up, with a lush soundscape of scintillating synth pads and […]
For its latest issue Release Musiq presents a floor-focused new release from scene veteran Greg Eversoul, with a hot shot remix from rising stars Android Cartel. Eversoul got his started in Denver DJ’ing at Hipp-E’s infamous, early parties in the dawn of the nineties. From there his reputation grew with gigs throughout the burgeoning US […]
Industry veteran Kazell offers up two tech house pleasers that are both groovy and heavy hitting. The Tech mix will easily rock any big room during peak time, while the House mix is sure to cultivate a cruisier dancefloor experience. On this release you will also hear remix support from Android Cartel and Nomad In […]
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