Bklyn South “Summer Paradise” Ft Summer Shyvonne

“Summer Paradise” Is Bklyn South’s latest single release featuring singer songwriter Summer Shyvonne from Nashville TN,  Summer is on the beach telling the story about her pink polkadot bikini with a country music flair, while singing over a cool Caribbean Pop Reggae production. This is a fun novelty track with a very catchy hook and […]

The Weekend Life

Peter Monk breaks out with his new mainstream club single release “The Weekend Life” This lush dreamy production coupled with a solid vocal performance from Peter Monk himself. This is a party anthem that will float you across the universe and drop you into a celebration of life.

Here Comes That Sound sandy Reed A Peter Monk Production

Sandy Reed is back with a vengeance! Breaking out with her brand new single release for 2017 “Here Comes That Sound”, exquisitely produced and mixed by Peter Monk, this edm/house staple slams hard, while chart topping co-writers Candace Storch and Sandy Reed pen a meaningful song for Reeds’ powerful vocal style. The chilling melodies in her […]

Peter Monk ft Frank Frizalone

Peter Monk captivates with his first single release of 2017, a Frank Sinatra remake of the 1966 classic hit single “It Was A Very Good Year”, featuring the stunning Frank Sinatra sound alike Frank Frizalone both straight from Brooklyn. Monk showcases his outstanding keyboard work in a brilliant production that captures every bit of the […]

I Found You Peter Monk ft Candace Storch

Peter Monk’s fresh, new spring release  “I Found You”,  Ft. Candace Storch, is a solid commercial house dance track. It features a pumping groove, coupled with a great throwback vibe and an ultra smooth vocal performance by Candace Storch, who crushes this hook driven chorus into your subconscious mind.

Anywhere You Go

i’m Famous

Bklyn South – Stunt Pon Dem (feat. Prophet-Z)

“Stunt Pon Dem” is a dancehall, party banger with positive lyrical depth and a massive chorus for ‘The Massive’. Mixing a blend of hip hop and edm elements over a pure dancehall groove, Prophet-Z’s singjay delivery will take the listener on a ride through the concrete jungles of Brooklyn all the way into the streets […]

Peter Monk – Starlight (feat Candace Storch)

“Starlight” is a dreamy, futuristic, house track uniquely produced with glistening effects and a cool, cutting edge groove. The vocals are performed by Candace Storch who’s laid back, silky performance captures the mood and feeling of this song perfectly, delivering  the message that anything is possible if we shoot for the stars. 

Peter Monk – Someone Like You (feat Prophet-Z)

Peter Monk – Someone Like You (feat Prophet-Z) “Someone Like You”, by Peter Monk featuring Prophet-Z, is a tropical house production with a lush soundscape of piano and strings over a laid-back, summer groove. Prophet-Z steps out from his usual dancehall/reggae style and brings his own flavor to a dream-like love song. Close your eyes […]

Peter Monk – Feel The Music (feat. Sandy Reed)

“Feel the Music” is a fresh new 70s-inspired  disco house track with a big exciting chorus. Sandy Reed gives her most soulful vocal performance to date, coupled  with the infectious rhythm guitar work of Mike ‘The Madman’ Mouronas, and a funky live horn section. This track will bring everybody together on the dance floor, and […]

Peter Monk – Sunny Days (Bklyn South Extended Remix) (feat Prophet-Z)

Peter Monk – Sunny Days (Bklyn South Remix) (feat. Prophet-Z)  “Sunny Days”, The Bklyn South Remix, is a positive dance record that brings everyone together with a message of love, peace, and hope. Peter Monk delivers the chorus himself, through his energetic vocal, over a slamming, funky, house production that features live horns, and sax […]

Bklyn South – Run Round Ya (feat Prophet-Z)

Bklyn South distinguish themselves via their electronically influenced sound and style. Their follow-up, “Run Round Ya”, is a dark dancehall track driven by its heavy orchestral drama. Featured artist, Prophet-Z, performs like ‘A Boss’ over this hard, pounding groove with the same intensity as the track. This record will flow seamlessly with dancehall deejays from […]

Peter Monk – Sunny Days

“Sunny Days” is a feel-good, positive global dance record that brings everyone together with a message of love, peace, and hope, reminiscent of the optimism of the 60s. Peter Monk delivers this optimistic message himself, through his energetic vocal, over a slamming, funky, house production that features live horns, a smoking hot baritone sax solo by […]

Hali Hicks – You Can’t Country (feat Zee) (Peter Monk Remix)

This traditional roots country song by  established Nashville artist Hali Hicks breaks out with a surprise danceable DJ-friendly remix, adding a big beat groove, and an unexpected guest rap appearance by reggae dance hall artist Zee, straight out of Brooklyn. This hot remix bring a fresh urban twist to a great country song.

Peter Monk – Press Reset (feat Nicky Rubin)

Peter Monk – Press Reset (feat. Nicky Rubin) “Press Reset” is a cool laid back spoken-word narrative house track, with a full vocal chorus, based on the real life adventures of vocalist Nicky Rubin. Was this a search for true love or just infatuation? Keep listening to find out. This track has cross-over potential which […]

The House Men – Keep On Dancin’

The Housemen – Keep on Dancing’ (featuring Peter Monk & Candy) Keep on Dancing’ brings  an urban flavor to an upbeat dance production. with a blend of techno trance synth riffs, while Candy delivers a cleverly written and animated rap performance over the house groove. This novelty party song, produced by Peter Monk, will work […]

Peter Monk – Feel The Pressure

Peter Monk – Feel The PressureContinuous mix by Zenon Marko Peter Monk’s Feel The Pressure  is a continuous dance party mix,  put together from the hottest slamming extended club versions of his releases to date.  Continuous mix provided by NYC DJ Zenon Marko,  who keeps up the pressure  by building and building  these killer dance […]

Peter Monk & Dathan Brannon – Power

“Power” is Peter Monk’s leap into the underground house sound, teaming up with DJ Dathan Brannon. Inspired by deep house classic “French Kiss” by Lil Louis, including a dramatic slow-down section, “Power” is a hypnotic, driving, hard-hitting, synth-driven, builder. Features the sensuous voice of new artist Candy.

Peter Monk – Rising

The long awaited debut  album of the hot radio versions of the critically acclaimed dancefloor club Singles that DJs all over the world  have  been asking for. Featured artists include Sandy Reed, Nicky Ruben, Candace Storch, Urban Satellite, & The Dub Chix. Including the hit songs “Keep Lifting Me Up”, “Window Pane”, “Suffering”, “Feeling So […]

Peter Monk feat Nicky Rubin – Keep Lifting Me Up

Peter Monk’s new release “Keep Lifting Me Up” is another positive track following in the footsteps of his last feel-good record, “Feeling So Alive”.  This song brings together a big chorus with a sexy vocal performance courtesy of Nicky Rubin, straight out of the UK.  His smooth vocal delivery is spot-on and will hypnotize you […]

Metasonica – Infinity (Peter Monk Remix)

Peter Monk’s remix of Metasonica’s “Infinity” is his leap into the ambient, chill-out world. By bringing his trademark, commercial Dance/House style to this masterpiece, he incorporates an anthemic synth melody over a smooth, downtempo feel. Adding a danceable groove under the sexy, French spoken word makes this track both hypnotic and entrancing. This “Infinity” remix will surely live […]

Bklyn South feat Prophet-Z – You’re The One

“You’re The One” is the debut single from the newly formed Dancehall/Reggae production company, Bklyn South, located in South Brooklyn.  The first track features up-and-coming Dancehall/Reggae artist, Prophet-Z who’s been making headlines in the Dancehall arena.  Prophet-Z has opened up for the likes of Mavado, Buju Banton, and Damian Marley. This track has it all! […]

Peter Monk presents The Dub Chix – Motormouth

Peter Monk strikes back presenting his new group the ‘Dub Chix’ on their smash debut, ‘MotorMouth’.  This summer club banger has personality mixed with a rawness that can pump through the hottest clubs’ sound systems.  The song references the new MotorMouth app which is on the cutting edge of technology.  Trendsetting at its best.

Peter Monk – One More Night (featuring Sandy Reed)

Peter Monk’s new summer release is a remake of a little known 1990’s pop/dance song only released in France called ‘One More Night’.  Monk finally gives this great song the shot it never had  to go worldwide.  Sandy Reed’s vocals convey the message of the lyrics over this hard-hitting track.  Peter Monk’s 3 outstanding remixes […]

Peter Monk – Suffering (featuring Urban Satellite)

“Suffering” is an alternative, pop/rock dance hybrid, a masterpiece in which Peter Monk draws inspiration from his real life experiences. With his unique approach to writing and producing hook-laden pop songs, this heart-stopping dance track lays the groundwork for an infectious vocal chorus and heavy guitars that will leave listeners hanging on every note.  DJs […]

Peter Monk – Feeling So Alive (featuring Sandy Reed)

Peter Monk does it again!  This time he returns with a 70’s, disco, retro-masterpiece,  fusing the old school classics with a super-uplifting, power-pop, club track guaranteed to move today’s dance floor.  Sandy Reed’s killer-diva vocals soar over this true story about holding back one’s true feelings, but in one moment, you take your chance to live your dreams and never go back!  DJs and […]

The Dub Chix – Good Girls Go Wild

“Good Girls Go Wild” by the Dub Chix captures the spirit of a modern day “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  Integrating a hard, edgy groove with rap-infused chants, even the most cynical girl won’t be able to resist singing along and getting loose when the hooky chorus drops.  This song has a sound and likability […]

Peter Monk – Window Pane (Rising Remixes)

Peter Monk’s ‘Rising Remix’ of ‘Window Pane’ opens up with the grandeur of a beautiful, Baroque-inspired introduction that has drama written all over it. But don’t let that fool you! This uplifting trance track sends the listener on a trip filled with a thumping big room presence, edgy guitar riffs, and powerful vocals which exude […]

Peter Monk – Window Pane (feat. Sandy Reed)

Peter Monk’s second release is the impressive and jaw-dropping ‘Window Pane’. The listener will be drawn in by the sounds of lush guitars, drum fills, and a beautifully crafted melody. The uplifting lyrics and arpeggiated synths are the components that push this epic anthem along at an unrelenting pace. Sandy Reed’s vocals climb over the […]

Saffire Paige – The Secret Is You

SAFFIRE PAIGE Saffire Paige is a young, up-and-coming artist with a sweet and distinguishable sound, making her nothing less than irresistible. Her strong and catchy songs, along with her singing, dancing, and personality, equal the total package of a pop star. The Secret Is YouThis is pure, pop bliss for any girl who has wondered […]

Nicodemus Roth – Minimalware

Release Musiq sets loose another underground dance floor monster straight from the mind of Nicodemus Roth. Minimalware takes us on a journey with its deep spacey sound and funky bassline. The vocal will have you hypnotized and the groove will keep you moving as this edgy bass laden beast chugs steadily along.

JRR Foolkiller – Try EP

Release Musiq aims for the eclectic with the debut release from JRR Foolkiller and his Try EP. JRR Foolkiller is actually John Brinker, who has been producing electronic music since 1999, with a highlight being an EP release under the alias Lifestyle Interiors on Swayzak’s 240 Volts imprint in 2003. With the Try EP, JRR […]

Astervoid – Moral Inheratives

“sometimes the brightest light casts the darkest shadow on the human soul”

Peter Monk feat. Candace Storch – Once in a Lifetime

Producer Peter Monk returns with the epic sounds of Once in a Lifetime. providing a mix of succinct harmonies combining epic big room vocals with a bouncy sub groove and rich synth textures. This track has a fantastic hook with soaring vocals, as Storch’s voice effortlessly pulls you through a composition laden with  pounding drums, […]

Urban Satellite – I Want It All

“I Want It All” is a tale of good vs. evil.  This powerful track combines a slow, steady pounding groove with dynamic crunching guitars.  The decadent and raspy vocal portrays a self-destructively materialistic way of life, while the angelic voice of Candace Storch warns him of his impending doom. This anthem brings together 18th century […]

Kazell – Temporary Bliss

Scene veteran Kazell returns to Release Musiq for an electrifying new single titled “Temporary Bliss.” It’s a spaced-out, tech-house cruiser with some light proggy touches and an aim to ignite the dance floor. The pulsating drive that is the center of the track rarely lets up, with a lush soundscape of scintillating synth pads and […]

DjSmiles – Armando & Greggor (Atomic Ranch swerved out rerub)

Greg Eversoul – Loan Smoke EP

For its latest issue Release Musiq presents a floor-focused new release from scene veteran Greg Eversoul, with a hot shot remix from rising stars Android Cartel. Eversoul got his started in Denver DJ’ing at Hipp-E’s infamous, early parties in the dawn of the nineties. From there his reputation grew with gigs throughout the burgeoning US […]

Occupy the Gruv EP

Kazell – Nosamosa

Industry veteran Kazell offers up two tech house pleasers that are both groovy and heavy hitting. The Tech mix will easily rock any big room during peak time, while the House mix is sure to cultivate a cruisier dancefloor experience. On this release you will also hear remix support from Android Cartel and Nomad In […]

Luis Armando – VerKday!

J-Hecht – Deepartmentalized

Luis Armando & Nicodemus – Cry For Love EP

Sys-Hex – Retrofractive EP

Train to Brooklyn

Luis Armando – I See U.

Onionz – Carmelized EP

Luis Armando & J-Hecht – Tribal Function EP

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