Peter Monk – Rising

October 20, 2014in Dance, House, Pop, Releases

The long awaited debut  album of the hot radio versions of the critically acclaimed dancefloor club Singles that DJs all over the world  have  been asking for. Featured artists include Sandy Reed, Nicky Ruben, Candace Storch, Urban Satellite, & The Dub Chix.

Including the hit songs “Keep Lifting Me Up”, “Window Pane”, “Suffering”, “Feeling So Alive”, “Motormouth”, and bonus remixes. Includes the exclusive release of new single “Press Reset”. These songs combine great pop melodies and lyrics with exciting ahead-of-the-curve dance productions.


1 Window Pane (feat. Sandy Reed)

2 Keep Lifting Me Up  (feat. Nicky Rubin)

3 Feeling so Alive (feat. Sandy Reed)

4 Suffering (feat. Urban Satellite)

5 One More Night (feat. Sandy Reed)

6 Press Reset (feat. Nicky Rubin)

7 Motormouth  (feat. The Dub Chix)

8 Once in a Lifetime    (feat. Candace Storch)

9 Keep Lifting Me Up    (feat. Nicky Rubin) [Rising Remix]

10 Window Pane (feat. Sandy Reed) [Rising Remix]

11 Suffering (feat. Urban Satellite) [Rising Remix]

12 Feeling so Alive (feat. Sandy Reed) [Rising Remix]

13 One More Night (feat. Sandy Reed) [Rising Remix]

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