Peter Monk – Sunny Days

March 10, 2015in Dance, House, Releases

“Sunny Days” is a feel-good, positive global dance record that brings everyone together with a message of love, peace, and hope, reminiscent of the optimism of the 60s.¬†Peter Monk delivers this optimistic message himself, through his energetic vocal, over a slamming, funky, house production that features live horns, a smoking hot baritone sax solo by Chris Laybourne, and a special guest Patois (Jamaican) rap performance by Prophet-Z. ¬†


  1. Sunny Days (feat Prophet Z) (Radio Edit)
  2. Sunny Days (feat Prophet Z & Chris Laybourne) (Rap & Sax Extended Mix)
  3. Sunny Days (Radio Edit)
  4. Sunny Days (Extended Mix)
  5. Sunny Days (feat Chris Laybourne) (Extended Sax Instrumental)
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