Saffire Paige – The Secret Is You

May 1, 2013in Pop, Releases


Saffire Paige is a young, up-and-coming artist with a sweet and distinguishable sound, making her nothing less than irresistible. Her strong and catchy songs, along with her singing, dancing, and personality, equal the total package of a pop star.

The Secret Is You
This is pure, pop bliss for any girl who has wondered who that secret crush is.

Slumber Party
Saffire’s first single is a slice of mid-tempo, day-dreamy Heaven. The second you hear the guitar pic open up the song you are sucked in to Saffire’s dream like a monsoon. She shines bright on this song. The ever-so-descriptive words are coming out of her with promise and conviction.

I’m That Girl
This up-tempo, happy-go-lucky song has a pounding-bass heavy enough for a club. It takes you through a day in the life of Ms. Paige, starting with her putting her mascara on, to ending up crazy on the dance floor. She brings you into her world oozing with charisma!

Rock Star
A classic tale of boy-meets-girl with a fun and funky twist. The imaginative way this story unfolds is fresh and captivating. Saffire’s voice effortlessly flows like a river.

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